Tangled Roots?

Tangled Roots? Master Gardeners Can Help!

By Laverne Fuller

Visit the Halifax Farmers Market on August 9th where the Southside Master Gardeners will have a houseplant display from 8 to 11 with a special demo at 9:30 where lucky attendees can take home a cutting of this rick rack plant.

In the middle of summer with gardens overflowing with vegetables, are your houseplants being ignored?  Are your begonias and philodendrons tired and sad?  Maybe what they need is to be refreshed by a little attention.  Most plants eventually outgrow their homes. 
They become root bound and no longer flourish.  The cure for this is propagation. There are several ways to propagate which include root division and cuttings. The great part about propagation is that you end up with more plants.

Join the Southside Virginia Master Gardeners on Saturday, August 9 from 8 to 11 am, at the Halifax Farmer’s Market for a houseplant display.  At 9:30 a special demo will be held showing how to root prune a plant to maintain size, how to transplant a plant that has outgrown its pot and some special propagation tricks.  You will be able to go home and multiply the houseplants you already have and possibly take away a new plant.  Plants make great gifts for family and friends.  They add beauty and improve the air quality in your home.

The Halifax Farmer’s Market will also be celebrating Virginia Farmer’s Market week on Saturday August 9 with door prizes, kids activity, benefits of juicing workshop hosted by Great Oak Farms, free small doggie nail clipping by Naturally Artistic Dog Grooming, fresh peach homemade ice cream and much more.

For information about the Master Gardener program, please call the Halifax Extension Office at 434-476-2147, visit the website at www.ssmga.org or e-mail ask@ssmga.org.

Visit the market for the freshest and best local products and support local growers, our friends and neighbors.

By Laverne Fuller