Permaculture and Composting featured at the Museum

          The Southside Master Gardener Association will offer Friday classes at the South Boston – Halifax County Museum on November 14 and 21 from 11 AM to 1 PM.  These classes are free and open to the public.

          Rev Dele will present “Climate Reality through a Permaculturist’s Eyes” on November 14.  Rev has spoken at the museum in the past on the basic premises of permaculture, a system of creating a more positive environment going back to things that indigenous people did.  This time she takes a more philosophical approach showing graphs that illustrate where we are headed and how through permaculture we receive “important lessons of ecological balance which we can repeat in our personal yards as well as public green spaces”. These permaculture lessons will help us thrive whatever the climate.

          Rev Dele is a renaissance woman who has lived and worked on the prophetic edge of social change in California, Oklahoma, Washington D.C. and Virginia. Dele earned her B.A. from UC-Riverside and her Masters of Divinity from Howard University. Ordained in the United Church of Christ she has dual Baptist affiliations. A permaculturist, storyteller and meditation teacher, her ministries always empower communities in wholistic ways. "Redemption of the soil is inextricably linked to redemption of the soul", says Dele.  She issues a clarion call to faith communities to become hubs of sustainability which solidify local food sovereignty and water security.

          On November 21 Master Gardener Ben Capozzi will discuss the “Importance of Composting” as a way to recycle what we might be throwing in the landfill, how easy it is to make and how it nourishes our soils and therefore nourishes our plants that nourish us.  Following the class, we will take a field trip to Ben’s yard and garden to see compost in various stages, the Berkley 18 Day technique and a pet waste composting bin.  Dress for the weather.

          Ben Capozzi is a freelance designer, gardener, and educator. He is a Virginia Master Gardener, permaculture artisan, and plant enthusiast. He is the part-time educator for the Natural History collection at the Danville Science Center and Butterfly Garden. He also writes around the web and for local papers, shoots microstock photography, and shares his ongoing garden projects at his blog,

          Although there is no charge for the classes, registration is required.  To register e-mail or call the Halifax Extension Office at 434-476-2147.  For more information visit  The South Boston – Halifax County Museum is located at 1540 Wilborn Avenue in South Boston.  Hope to see you at these exciting presentations.