Second Saturdays Are Back

Even though Mother’s Day has passed the Master Gardeners want to encourage young people to love plants and get their hands in the soil. Bring out your kids and grandkids on Saturday May 14th at the Halifax Farmers Market to pot up a bedding plant for the spring garden. Bring your small gardening tools for cleaning and sharpening.

Second Saturdays with the Southside Master Gardeners are back at the Halifax Farmer's Market. The 2016 season begins on May 14. Master Gardeners will be at the Market to help children pot up plants to be taken home. Plants and supplies will be provided free of charge. The plants could be a late Mother's Day gift or an addition to the new spring garden. Introducing children to the wonderful world of gardening can lead to a lifelong hobby or even a career in agriculture or horticulture. Be sure to bring your kids or grandkids May 14 for a fun time.

There will also be a tool cleaning and sharpening. Having the right tool for a particular job and having that tool in A-one shape makes the work much easier. Tools should be cleaned after each use. A garden hose can be used to remove dirt and mud. Steel wool or a clean grill brush can be used for stubborn spots. After cleaning, hoes and shovels can be dipped in a tub filled with sand and used motor oil to prevent rust. Good tools are an investment that can last a lifetime if properly maintained. Maintenance includes sharpening your tools when they become dull. A 10 inch mill or bastard file can be used for sharpening. When filing, it is important to pull the file away from the edge of the blade and to maintain the angle of the factory bevel. If this sounds like a chore you are not comfortable with, bring your tools to the Farmer's Market on May 14 between 8 and 11. The Master Gardeners will be available to perform the task for you.

While you are waiting for your tools, visit the market vendors for fresh produce, organic meats, open range eggs, baked goods, handmade soaps, portrait photography and lots of arts and crafts. For more information about the Master Gardener program, call the Halifax Extension Office at 434-476-2147, option 0.